As companies begin returning to the office, they need to re-evaluate what the future layout of the office may look like. Since the hybrid work model has become more common and favorable, businesses will need to transform their office to become a bridge between full-time work-from-home and pre-pandemic traditional office use. Each company’s workspace will look different depending on their needs to ensure efficiency and comfortability.

Here are common approaches we have seen showing what the future of office layouts will probably look like:

More Collaborative Work Areas

Although Zoom Video meetings have been getting the job done, the organic conversations that spur when working in proximity have dissipated. Collaborative work environments also promote opportunities for mentorship and workforce development.

A Hot-Desking Approach

This open-concept seating arrangement allows employees to choose where they sit each day when they come into the office. Since many companies are taking on the hybrid model, this approach would allow for more efficient use of office space, and a better estimate of how much space would be needed.

Private Breakout Rooms

Providing private, quiet spaces for employees to complete heads-down work or take video calls is imperative. This not only increases productivity but provides an incentive for employees to come into the office and have a space where they can work comfortably and safely.

The days of single-person, private offices and endless bays of workstations appear to be behind us. Companies must adapt and getting their staff back to in-person operations is going to take more than just ice cream Fridays and the occasional happy hour. Perhaps for the first time ever, employers across the board are putting an equal emphasis on designing a workspace that is not only efficient but also enjoyable for the people using it.

To learn more about what the future of office layouts looks like, check out this business journal article!


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